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Frederick Municipal Airport 580-335-2421 FDR

P.O. Box 399
Frederick, Oklahoma 73542

Frederick Municipal Airport is located 3 miles southeast of Frederick, Oklahoma. The airport has 4 hard surface runways, 17L/35R-3180x50 concrete, 17R/35L-6000x150 asphalt, 03/21-4800x150 concrete, and 12/30-6000x150 concrete. Runway 17R/35L has MIRL and VASIs. Approaches are NDB 222 and GPS runway 35L. ASOS is 132.675. Airport is attended Mon-Sat 0800-1700 and Sunday 1300-1700. Unicom radio 122.8. Fuel, 100LL. Free courtesy car and Free after hours call out. No tie down or landing fee.

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